Frequently Asked Questions

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What countries is TapGuest available in?
Currently, TapGuest is serving Restaurants and Guests in the USA and Canada. We plan to expand internationally over the next few years, and would love to hear from you. The more interest we get from other countries, the faster we can expand our service to those countries. Please email us - we want to hear from you!
What do I need to run TapGuest?
All you need to use TapGuest is reliable internet access and an iPad. We recommend purchasing at least 1 iPad with Cellular service as a backup to your internal internet.
How much does TapGuest cost?
There are NO setup costs or lengthy contracts with TapGuest. To start using TapGuest, you need at least 1 iPad and reliable wireless internet accessible in the front of your establishment. TapGuest charges a low monthly fee per location based on the number of Guest Parties you enter into the system each month. Don't worry about going over - TapGuest will not freeze or suspend your service if you do - we'll simply contact you to discuss a custom plan that will work better for your needs. For more details on TapGuest pricing and how we can work with you, please visit our Pricing Page or Contact Us.

What kind of training is involved?
TapGuest only takes minutes to learn - it really is that simple. Our goal was to make the system no more complex than any manual process currently being used in restaurants across the country. However, your success is important to us, so if you ever need help or training, just contact us and we are happy to help. That's the TapGuest difference!
What does it take to get up and running?
Getting started with TapGuest takes only a few moments once you have your computer or iPad and internet service available to your Host area of your establishment.

How is the system set up and managed by the restaurant?
Restaurant managers and owners are given password-protected access to the administration control panel where they can control all of the system settings, creation and activation of Host staff logins, seating options, specials and more. Host staff only have access to the waiting list, reservation list, History page and the system help area. Management retains full control of settings and access to the TapGuest system.
What about Training?
As a TapGuest subscribing Restaurant, you can count on TapGuest to provide initial and on-going training for you and your staff, as needed, at NO EXTRA COST! We are here to guide and assist you in every step of the process, from setup and launch to ongoing management, best practices, or even training your new staff. We conduct training via online webinar either 1 on 1 or in groups, and we never charge extra for training, EVER! We actually encourage every client to take full advantage of this value-added benefit that is another key reason why TapGuest is Waiting Made Easy!™.
What happens if the Internet connection is dropped?
If the Internet connection to the restaurant is lost, you can still access your TapGuest service using the cellular service built into some iPad models (if you have one - which we strongly recommend). If you do not have a cellular equipped iPad, have no fear - TapGuest instantly backs up your current waitlist and reservation book on your iPads every few seconds, so your information is available in offline mode when you need it. Once internet access is restored, you can simply pick up where you left off - another reason why TapGuest is Waiting Made Easy! If you have any difficulties, you can always contact the TapGuest support team and we will quickly and gladly fax or email your current wait list and reservation list to you.
Why should I use TapGuest when I could just call the guests myself?
TapGuest provides a one-click solution with Automated workflow that acts like a Virtual Host for your establishment; TapGuest can make multiple calls simultaneously, is always courteous, and never forgets to call anyone. Further, TapGuest never calls in sick or shows up late. TapGuest can augment your current Front of House operations, increasing efficiency, decreasing errors and improving your guests' experience and satisfaction.
How does the TapGuest system work?
TapGuest enables the restaurant to send notifications to your guests mobile phones to inform them that their table is ready. TapGuest allows hosts to input parties, and 1 click, notify the guest that their table is ready. TapGuest's automated workflow takes over from there, allowing the Host to focus on new guests and those who need to be seated, following up and managing the guests who have not shown up to claim their tables. Guests also have interactive options within the system so they can check their status, add themselves to the guest list, request available specials, or even cancel their place in line.
Who controls the phone numbers that are input?
TapGuest is the only one with access to the numbers after the guest is seated or otherwise removed from the system. TapGuest retains control of all numbers to protect guest privacy. This ensures that guests are only sent special offers from restaurants when they specifically request to receive them, and not spammed by multiple restaurants.
What if I already have a Pager system to notify my guests that their table is ready?
Using TapGuest translates into more business for your restaurant and improved guest satisfaction. As much as we would like to replace Pager systems altogether, TapGuest allows you to continue to use your existing pager system for those guests who choose not to provide their mobile numbers or who do not have a mobile phone available. Simply choose Pager as the notification option, and enter the pager number you assign to the guest then simply activate the pager via the paging system when their table is ready - TapGuest allows your Host staff to track all guests and pagers on 1 list...Waiting Made Easy!

Will customers leave instead of going to the bar area?
Some guests may wander about while waiting, instead of remaining in your lobby or bar, but as long as you properly communicate your expectations upfront, guests will be aware that while they are free to roam about, they must be close enough that they can present themselves within 2-5 minutes (or whatever amount of time you deem appropriate for your location and the specific time, day or occasion it may be) of receiving their notification.
What happens if a guest doesn't have a mobile phone or doesn't want to give out their number?
The host enters the party information normally, simply choosing the No Phone Notification option and the Host will manually track and notify the guest just like you do in your restaurant currently!

What happens to any names remaining on the list at the end of the night?
Your host staff should be processing all un-notified guest entries throughout the day, in addition to TapGuest's automated workflow processing, however, in the event that any guest entries remain at the end of the day, the TapGuest system automatically clears out any stale names on the active waiting list. It also archives all guest entries and activity daily for reporting and analysis purposes.
What if someone on the list doesn't show up?
TapGuest's exclusive, patent-pending Automated Virtual Host™ follows up with all guests who have been notified by voice or text until they are seated in the system by a host, or marked as a No Show if they fail to arrive or respond to the follow ups. No Shows remain on the active guest list for the period of time set by you in the admin control panel. After the set amount of time, TapGuest automatically cancels No Show entries. In addition to the automation, Host staff may cancel any guest entry, including No Shows, manually.

What if I have a question that is not listed here?
That's easy - Just contact us. We are happy to answer any questions you may have. Please feel free to ask us anything - the only silly question is the one that never gets asked.