TapGuest Wins Our Build a Business on Twilio Developer Contest

Twilio (April 6, 2011) - You know the deal, you go to a restaurant, ask for a table, they tell you it's a 30 minute wait and hand you one of those bulky taser-looking things that lights up when your table is ready. You can leave the restaurant and roam around, but you have to carry the mini obelisk with you, and you have to be careful to stay in range. The team at TapGuest used Twilio to build out a solution that uses SMS and Voice to let diners know when their table is ready. TapGuest focuses on the iPad, but works with any desktop computer.

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Are Surveys Valid Market Validation Tools for Entrepreneurs?

CM Arnold (March 28, 2011) - Larry DeLisio, Jr., founder of, doesn't dispute the usefulness of surveys for entrepreneurs, but he does think timing matters. Customer satisfaction surveys are critical to any business's long term success, but for startups, you really need to be operating at a hyper pace in order to adapt to the market demands and the speed of the competition.

View Full Article - An Alternative To Pagers (December 2, 2010) - Tap Guest aims to become a viable alternative to these prehistoric pagers that restaurants use to this very day. A change had to come along, if only because the latest mobile devices are more flexible and practical by definition.

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Tech Cocktail: TapGuest Looks To Replace Restaurant Pager Systems

Frank Gruber (November 30, 2010) - Who uses pagers anymore? Restaurants do. They usually use flashy, brightly lit pager systems to manage their waiting customers. San Diego-based startup TapGuest just launched offering restaurants a more modern and useful solution.

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Introducing - Waiting Made Easy!

Poway, CA (November 23, 2010) -, a small, boot-strapped internet startup company, has launched it's core service offering publicly. The solution provides restaurants with an affordable and easy to use digital wait list management solution for their customers, providing an easy, effective way to interact with Guests regarding table availability using guests existing cellphones, and either SMS or Voice messaging, all from the convenience of a web-based service that is 100% iPad ready, with nothing to download!

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